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Preserving Facial Aesthetics and Preventing Bone Loss with Dental Implants Canton, MS

Preserving Facial Aesthetics and Preventing Bone Loss with Dental Implants

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Maintaining good oral health is not just about having a beautiful smile, but it also plays a crucial role in preserving our overall facial aesthetics. Dental implants have revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry, providing an effective solution for missing teeth that not only restores functionality but also prevents bone loss and preserves facial aesthetics.… Read more

7 Things You Should Teach Your Child About Dental Care

babies learn to brush teeth

As parents, we’ve got a lot of information to pass down and teach our children as they grow into adulthood. When it comes to their dental care, however, there are some specific things you need to share with them, starting at an early age. As your family dentist, Dr. Preston Cobbins of SmileBuilders, Inc. works… Read more

Why You are Sure to Love SureSmile

happy woman holds invisalign in hand

Not willing to wear metal brackets and wires as an adult to straighten your teeth? You are not alone. However, before you just accept your crooked smile, you should know that modern orthodontics offers a preferred alternative to traditional braces. In fact, clear aligner therapies such as SureSmile can be the perfect solution for adults… Read more

Yes, Your Chipped Tooth Needs Repair

unhappy woman suffering from toothache at home

Your teeth are remarkably strong. In fact, they are made of the most durable substance in your entire body. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean they are exempt from damage. Whether due to an accidental fall or biting down on something too hard, teeth can crack, chip or break under certain pressures. Regardless of whether the tooth… Read more

Ear Infection or TMD?

Could an oral health problem be confused with ear issues? Yes, if there is a disorder within your jaw joint (or TMJ), your oral health condition could absolutely mimic the pain of an ear infection. It is not uncommon to see patients go to their ENT convinced that they have an ear infection, only to… Read more

Can You Afford a Smile Makeover?

If you’re embarrassed about the way that your teeth look, you may assume you can’t afford to do anything about it. Cosmetic dentistry is expensive, right? Not always. A smile makeover isn’t the same for every patient, and it certainly doesn’t have to cost the same. Finding a dentist who can tailor your cosmetic treatments… Read more

Do You Know the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer?

A dentist performing oral screening as a part of regular checkup.

Did you know that oral cancer kills approximately 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day? It is not that oral cancer is the deadliest form of cancer, it is that it is often detected too late. Mouth cancer, which can involve any part of the oral cavity (gums, lips, throat), is actually quite treatable… Read more

Mouth Injuries: When Is It an Emergency?

A boy inserting mouthguards before playing a match.

Accidents happen. When you or someone near you experiences an injury to the mouth, there is often a heightened sense of fear and anxiety. While you need to at least have your dentist examine your oral injury, it is important to know when it is an urgent matter and when it can wait. If it… Read more

Does Your Smile Need a “Deep Cleaning”?

Dental Patient

Your dentist will recommend dental cleanings twice per year for optimal oral health. These are professional-level cleanings that utilize special tools and technology to clean your teeth and gums – beyond what you have access to at home. While these routine dental cleanings are non-negotiable for a healthy smile, you may hear your dentist recommend… Read more

A Straw Could Be Your Smile’s Best Friend

beautiful young woman with a perfect smile drinking water through a straw.

Are you a straw sipper? While you may think of using a straw as a matter of preference, it can actually be a powerful method of protection for your teeth. Unless you strictly drink water, there are countless types of beverages that can ruin your smile. Whether it is staining agents, sugars or acids, every… Read more

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  • 150% for sure. Dr. Preston Cobbler one of the best dentists I've gone to in my years of life. He is great man, personally that can't be of as a pretender. I didn't know he had got started in my mouth, I had a broken tooth to the root, I didn't know he had started the work, he had finished the work in my mouth. He will be my dentist for the duration of my life!! I earnestly would rate him a 10 on the work in my mouth. Thanks Dr Cobbler for your kindness, work ability, knowledge, and sense of feeling for your patients pain.

    Maggie J.
  • I love this place my kids and i been going there for 11 years never had a problem. Great staff. Dr.Cobbin is great with my kids... Even with me when i scared. Lol. I recommend anyone and everyone. U want be disappointed..

    Linda C.
  • Friendly and Professional and affordable. I'm satisfied with the services.

    Deldarige W.
  • Been my dentist office since moving here in 2014 with no problems!

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  • Best dentist that I have ever been to.

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