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Crowning a Broken Tooth Canton, MS

Crowning a Broken Tooth

Dental Patient

Minor tooth damage can be fixed with a simple dental filling or bonding. However, if you have suffered extensive damage to a tooth, either from decay or trauma, a dental crown may be recommended to fully restore the tooth back to its original form and function. In some cases, the tooth is so damaged that… Read more

Why are Dental Crowns So Popular?

Dental Patient

Dental crowns are nothing new in the realm of dentistry. In fact, the first known example of using a dental crown dates back 4,000 years in Southeast Asia! While today’s dental crowns are far superior than those gold caps used in ancient history, they still remain a very popular treatment in modern dentistry. Such preferred… Read more

The Unrivaled Stability of Implant Dentures

Older Patient With Dental Implants

If you’ve lost a full arch of teeth, dentures are the most popular and effective solution to restore your smile. However, there is more than one way to secure your dentures. While traditional dentures rely on adhesive cream to stay in place, the most preferred method is using dental implants. Dental implants have revolutionized the… Read more

SureSmile Versus Invisalign

Beautiful Smile

If you are straightening your smile, you’ll be glad to know that orthodontic treatment has come a long way since traditional metal braces. Most patients now qualify for clear aligner therapy, which relies on nearly invisible and removable aligners to move your teeth into position instead of fixed brackets and bands. While Invisalign is the… Read more

Dental Bonding: An Easy Fix for Unsightly Teeth

Dental Bonding

The smallest imperfections within your front teeth can often be the largest obstacles to a confident smile. Do you hide your smile due to minor chips, gaps or discoloration? You may not have to endure an expensive or lengthy cosmetic dentistry procedure to fix it. In fact, dental bonding with composite resin can be an… Read more

The Link Between Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Dry mouth (or xerostomia) and bad breath (or halitosis) are two very common oral health conditions. Not only can these two issues go hand in hand, but they are also likely to get ignored or dismissed as an inconvenience rather than an oral health problem. While bad breath and dry mouth aren’t always cause for… Read more

Quick and Comfortable Teeth Whitening

Perfect smile of a woman after professional teeth whitening treatment.

It is no surprise that white teeth are a desirable trait – and for good reason. A brilliant white smile has been shown to make you look more attractive and take years off your appearance. Many studies have also confirmed that whiter teeth can even boost your success at work, making you more likely to… Read more

Does Your Child Need Sedation Dentistry?

Kid at Dentist

As much as we try to make dental care a comfortable and stress-free experience, there are still many patients who have a real aversion and anxiety about going to the dentist. This can include both adults and kids. In fact, children can may also experience the challenge of sitting still during a lengthy dental procedure.… Read more

Why Missing Teeth Need to be Replaced

Older Dental Patients

It’s never ideal to lose a permanent tooth, but it does happen. As your dentist, we will do everything we can to save a tooth that is severely infected, decayed or damaged. Unfortunately, not all teeth can be saved. Regardless of why you had to part with a natural tooth (or teeth), restorative dentistry should… Read more

Porcelain Veneers: A Perfect Smile is Within Reach

People Smiling With Porcelain Veneers

Wish you had that perfect celebrity smile like you see on TV? You’d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars are hiding their real teeth behind porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are the go-to choice for patients who want a permanent smile makeover with minimal upfront sacrifice. In fact, this cosmetic dentistry solution is non-invasive and… Read more

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  • 150% for sure. Dr. Preston Cobbler one of the best dentists I've gone to in my years of life. He is great man, personally that can't be of as a pretender. I didn't know he had got started in my mouth, I had a broken tooth to the root, I didn't know he had started the work, he had finished the work in my mouth. He will be my dentist for the duration of my life!! I earnestly would rate him a 10 on the work in my mouth. Thanks Dr Cobbler for your kindness, work ability, knowledge, and sense of feeling for your patients pain.

    Maggie J.
  • I love this place my kids and i been going there for 11 years never had a problem. Great staff. Dr.Cobbin is great with my kids... Even with me when i scared. Lol. I recommend anyone and everyone. U want be disappointed..

    Linda C.
  • Friendly and Professional and affordable. I'm satisfied with the services.

    Deldarige W.
  • Been my dentist office since moving here in 2014 with no problems!

    Randall L. B.
  • Best dentist that I have ever been to.

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