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All The Same Benefits, Less Than Half The Cost

If you have failing teeth, multiple tooth loss, or are missing all of your teeth, Stabili-Teeth™ is the solution for you! Permanent replacement of your teeth with dental implants is the leading option, but oftentimes, it can be an expensive procedure and an unattainable choice for many patients. To deliver permanent teeth immediately and affordably, Dr. Preston Cobbins offers the protocol Stabili-Teeth™. This tooth replacement solution offers the same long-term reliability and long-lasting stability as traditional implants—without the high costs! Dr. Preston Cobbins is able to combine the use of Narrow Diameter Implants, or NDIs, and conventional sized dental implants that support a full set of teeth. With this unique solution, you receive immediate teeth with the stability and longevity to improve your function, health, and quality of life long-term!

What Sets Stabili-Teeth™ Apart?

Stabili-Teeth™ eliminate adhesives, missing teeth, and expensive procedures, offering an immediate and long-lasting stable solution at less than half the cost of traditional implants! Overall, Stabili-Teeth™ have revolutionized how patients can receive new teeth by providing two key differences:

  • Same-day stability and immediate functional and aesthetic results from the NDI and conventional implants on the day of surgery—enabling patients to walk out of our office with a full set of stable, functional teeth.
  • Engagement of all dental implants after the 4-month healing process for a dramatic increase in overall stability and longevity, by sharing the load among NDI implants and conventional-sized implants.

The Stabili-Teeth™ Treatment Process

The Stabili-Teeth™ process was developed to be straightforward and streamlined, helping patients with failing or missing teeth return to improved function and aesthetics on the day of surgery.

  • Extract Remaining Teeth
  • Conventional Size & Narrow Diameter Implants placed based on Bone Density
  • The Provisional Teeth are firmly snapped in the day of surgery
  • Final is Attached Once Healed

Are You Are A Candidate For Stabili-Teeth™?