Hospital Dentistry

As much as possible we complete all care in our office under local anesthesia and nitrous Oxide when needed.  However, some patients require deeper sedation due to severe anxiety, fear, physical and mental limitations. It is also recommended to treat pediatric patients under general anesthia when extensive restorations are needed and the patient will not cooperate in the normal operatory setting.

Surgery is scheduled on Fridays through our offices.  Dr. Cobbins performs surgery at the new state of art Madison Rivers Oaks Hospital.  The facility provides a patient friendly environment for the comfort of the patient as well as the family members.  Dr. Cobbins and the hospital staff allow children and parents to be together as much as possible during this stressful time.  He recognizes that the reassuring presence of parents goes a long way toward preparing children for dental surgery and recovery.  It also calms the anxiety of parents and make the experience less stressful.  Dr. Cobbins has been performing outpatient surgeries on adults and children since 1998 and has been with the Madison hospital since 2003.  For further information on hospital dental procedures contact us via email or phone.

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